You can now vote for the best Microsoft Store apps

Microsoft launched the Microsoft Store App Awards 2022an annual contest where the community chooses the best Microsoft Store apps in each of three categories: file management, utility, and open platform.

“We would like to recognize apps that are amazing, beautiful and useful, those that make your day better, more productive and more enjoyable. This vote is about you and the apps you love,” Microsoft says on the website that contains the voting form.

Apps nominated for Microsoft Store Awards 2022

File management

  • HEIC to JPEG
  • mp3 tag
  • 8Zip
  • metro commander
  • IrfanView64
  • Shrestha Files
  • Rufus
  • files
  • A commander
  • nanazip
  • a look


  • ShareX
  • MyASUS
  • 2fast – Two-Factor Authenticator
  • Speed ​​test by Ookla
  • Smooth Screen Recorder
  • torrex
  • Screenshots
  • Wi-Fi Analyzer
  • Visum Photo Viewer

Open Platform (Windows modifier)

  • ink workspace
  • EarTrumpet
  • Modern flyers
  • TranslucentTB
  • Copy and paste
  • Round
  • Dynamic theme
  • animated background
  • Auto dark mode
  • Smooth search

Voting has already started. You have a maximum deadline of May 17, 2022. Hurry up and choose your favorite apps! What are yours? I will vote for files, Smooth Screen Recorder Yes Auto dark mode.

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