you can finally designate moderators for your lives

In a TweeterInstagram announced the rollout of Live Moderatora new feature that allows users to assign moderators when live streaming video.

How does Live Moderator work?

Performing a live while following the comments can be a difficult task. To facilitate the management of live videos, Instagram has decided to undergo Live Moderator. Creators can now assign moderators to their live videos. The user designated as moderator will be able to manage the comments on their behalf.

To designate a moderator, follow these steps:

  • Start your live first,
  • In the comments section, tap on the “…” icon,
  • Then select Add a moderator (Add a moderator in English version),
  • Enter the name of the user you want to designate as moderator. The person must be present during the live. Instagram also offers you account suggestions.
Launch your live in order to designate a moderator among the users present. © CaptureBDM

Features accessible to the moderator

In addition to responding to comments, the moderator will be able to:

  • report comments,
  • disable comments for a user,
  • ban a user from live.

At the end of the live, the creator will be able to see all the actions carried out by the moderator during the live. The latter will then have the possibility of taking additional measures such as blocking the person.

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