Would You Buy A Huawei Phone If It Included Google Apps?

Wow ! The verdict is in, and it’s unanimous: you love Huawei. Nearly 70% of you would buy a Huawei phone if it included Google services, and around 15% are currently presenting a Huawei smartphone. This represents around 85% of those who trust Huawei. Unfortunately, that ship is gone. Huawei is pushing hard with Harmony OS, and it appears Biden and company are also hesitant to ease the restriction. Huawei, Huawei! In 2020, the Chinese company had its own Cinderella moment when it overtook Samsung to become the world’s top smartphone producer. Then everything went horribly wrong for Huawei.

So today we leave all politics behind and ask you this. Would you buy a Huawei phone if it came with Google apps? Let’s imagine for a moment that the US trade ban was completely lifted and Huawei phones regained all the Google goodness that had been lost. Would you buy one?

Huawei was already banned from selling its products in the United States or working with American companies since May 2019, with the Trump administration cracking down on the Chinese company as a national security risk. But then things went from bad to worse, and without going into details, the end result put Huawei out of competition and Google services – out of Huawei phones. I’m not taking any sides here, nor do I know if Huawei is the bad guy, stealing tech secrets from the US and other countries. All I know is that Huawei phones were great when they were around – always tempted to push technology a little further. I’m still using my Mate 20 Pro even today (as a second device) and was properly impressed with the Mate X2 when it arrived for review at the office.

Summary of news:

  • Do you buy a Huawei phone did it include Google apps?
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