With this new feature, Twitter is copying Instagram

(ETX Daily Up) – Does social media want to get more and more intimate? Twitter has unveiled a new feature along these lines with “Circle”. An option that will allow you to share your tweets with a restricted circle and which is reminiscent of a feature already present on Instagram.

On social networks, the intimate circle is increasingly highlighted. While Instagram has been developing its “Close Friends” option since 2018, to only share your story with a list of predefined friends, Twitter has just unveiled a similar option. If it is not a story for the little blue bird platform, it is the tweets that are concerned. Formerly announced under the name “Twitter Flock”, the option finally baptized “Circle” is now designated as a test. The corn ? Being able to share messages with a circle of friends of up to 150 people. A kind of private discussion without going through the “private message” function. When posting a tweet within a “circle”, a notice indicates to users who are part of the restricted list that the message is only visible to them.

The social network had already launched similar options allowing users to choose the Internet users who can comment and “like” the tweets. A way to reduce harassment on the platform, widely criticized for promoting online hate. The platform also announced in 2021 that it was working on an option called “Facets” and allowing you to create several accounts under the same profile in order to share your tweets with certain selected accounts, without having to create several different profiles. An option also developed with the “Communities” option in 2021.

The issue of privacy on social networks has become an increasingly important issue for both platforms and users, looking for a less toxic environment. If it is not yet possible to publish content, in the news feed, only visible for a list of friends on Instagram, TikTok for its part already offers the possibility of only publishing a visible video. only by “friends”, i.e. subscribers to whom the user is subscribed.

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