With Portal Go, Facebook wants to make video truly accessible to everyone

Released a few days ago, the Facebook Portal Go takes over from the Portal, a connected screen dedicated to video released by Facebook in 2018. Focusing on mobility, this new iteration sees itself as the family communication platform par excellence. .

Available since 2018, the Facebook portal is a connected screen with the avowed aim of simplifying video calls made via the firm’s applications. Facebook has continued to improve the formula, towards greater simplicity and efficiency.

Released at the end of October, the Portal Go is in a way the culmination of this approach. Simple to use, able to follow its users wherever they go, it is positioned as a versatile tool that can be used by the whole family, children and grandparents in mind.

Available in stores since mid-October, the Portal Go is currently sold for 229.99 euros at Boulanger. Note that you can also get a Portal Mini for 19.90 euros if you decide to buy another product from the Facebook Portal range such as Portal Go, Portal + or Portal TV.

What is the Facebook Go portal?

With this new iteration of its portal, Facebook is making a subtle but significant change. While the Go portal broadly follows the philosophy of previous models, namely offering a second screen dedicated to video communication, the addition of a battery allows it to push this concept even further.

Communicate with your loved ones easily with Portal Go.

By getting rid of cumbersome power cables, the Portal Go gains in mobility to offer a nomadic communication experience. However, it does not forget to remain extremely simple to use so that everyone, professionals or individuals, young or old, can communicate with their loved ones in a jiffy.

Portal Go: pro and personal video easily

If the video has become much more democratized in recent years, covid obliges, it is a means of communication which can still be complicated to use for some. Bad installation, equipment or complex start-up: the reasons are multiple. With its Portal Go, Facebook intends to sweep away all these hassles thanks to an easy-to-use device, by everyone, all the time.

Revolving around a 10-inch touch screen, the Portal Go offers a clear and readable interface, based on large tiles representing each of the installed applications. A great classic in the field, but which allows the whole family to find their way around. To make a call, nothing very complicated therefore, since everything is settled in a few clicks on the touch screen.

With Portal Go, Facebook wants to make video truly accessible to everyone

AR filters, a feature that transforms video storytelling.

On the communication side, Facebook has gone for simplicity and offers applications for Messenger as well as WhatsApp. All you have to do is connect your account to repatriate contacts and conversations and make calls to family and friends. To these two applications is added Zoom for the professional side, and offers more versatility to this Portal Go.

For the occasion, Facebook has also reworked the camera of its portal to give it some nice features. Starting with many augmented reality filters and effects (masks, animated backgrounds, music) in the colors of emblematic tales, which can be used to tell stories to the little ones. But it is also an intelligent camera that makes its appearance, adapting its frame to the participants so as not to leave anyone out of the field.

Call who you want, where you want and when you want

The biggest change made by Facebook on this Go portal is undoubtedly the addition of a battery and a charging station that offers a good day of autonomy. To accompany this change and accommodate the imperatives linked to this new freedom, the design of the Portal Go has been completely revised.

In addition to a triangular shape that now allows it to easily rest on any surface, including unstable surfaces (a sofa or your lap), the Portal Go now sports a handle on its rear panel, to facilitate transport. We will also appreciate its lightness – barely 1.4 kg on the scale – which allows it to be transported without difficulty, including by the youngest.

With Portal Go, Facebook wants to make video truly accessible to everyone

Thanks to its charging doc, the Portal Go gains in mobility to accompany you on all your trips.

And if you ever want to protect your privacy, the Portal Go has thought of everything. The camera has a physical cover that you can use to block its lens. Better, this action also allows you to mute the microphone of the Portal Go if you wish. Remember also for all intents and purposes that Messenger and WhatsApp offer encrypted communications, which protects your exchanges.

A communication, information and leisure tool

The Portal Go is a great communication tool, but its usefulness does not stop there, far from it. It takes advantage of a wide range of preinstalled applications for entertainment, information or social networks. Facebook obliges, this screen takes advantage of the brand’s entire ecosystem, Instagram and Facebook Live or Watch in mind.

You can also listen to your favorite tracks with Deezer or Spotify, or find out more with FranceTV or RMC. Also note that Chrome is installed by default. Enough to access all your favorite content (SVoD in mind) very simply.

With Portal Go, Facebook wants to make video truly accessible to everyone

Listen to your favorite tracks on Portal Go using the Deezer and Spotify apps.

This Portal Go finally offers compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant. You can thus, very simply, place it in the center of your home automation installation and control all your devices by voice.

By focusing on ease of use and taking full advantage of its in-house communication tools, Facebook offers us here an object that will adapt perfectly to a wide variety of profiles and uses. Versatile communication object par excellence, the Portal Go is currently available at 229.99 euros at Boulanger.

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