With My Ad Center, Google wants to give you more control over your smartphone ads

Google has just released its annual Google I/O and announces the arrival of a new smartphone advertising control system. Entitled My Ad Center, this service has made a point of offering you relevant personalization tools for your ads.

Presentation at Google I/O 2022 // Source: Google

Less advertising, but more qualitative. This is the promise of Google, which announced this Wednesday at its Google I/O 2022 conference a new way to control the advertisements present on your smartphone called My Ad Center.

The Mountain View firm believes that the most relevant advertisements can be useful for consumers and now wants to give them the tools to create a more useful and customizable advertising environment for them.

My Ad Center will now give you access to more advanced controls for advertising on your smartphone, in your searches, the Discover page or even YouTube and will be available from your Google account or directly from the dedicated application.

New management center for your advertisements

On the homepage, we find the announcements recently encountered on your smartphone. A second page will allow you to deactivate the personalization of ads or, on the contrary, to activate the function to be able to personalize your own settings according to your wishes.

Three tabs will then be available on this adjustment interface. On the first, the subjects of the different advertisements are presented to you in the form of cards on which you can request more or fewer advertisements on a specific theme so that their probability of appearance decreases. It will be possible to do the same with brand names on a second tab. The third tab is there to identify topics “sensitive” that you want to avoid seeing in your advertisements (alcohol, gambling, etc.).

Finally, on the third page which deals with privacy, Google wants to give you more choices about the personal data used to serve you ads. You will now be able to add, modify or deactivate data such as age, your marital status and other parameters and choose the most applicable information for you.

You will also be able, according to Google, to choose directly from the ads themselves if you want to see more ads in the same genre with the same plus and minus options. It will also be possible to like an advertisement or, if not, to report or block it with a link redirecting to My Ad Center. You might even have interesting additional information such as who paid for this ad and which account category was targeted.

A win-win for users and for Google

This method will obviously result in ads that are more applicable and therefore more likely to stay or click on, which is fine with Google. But we certainly all think of that moment when we continued to be bombarded with ads for a product several weeks after making a purchase and we finally said to ourselves that this function could be very useful in the future. in certain cases.

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