Windows 11, the popular (?) CCleaner lands on the Microsoft Store

Since the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft is making significant changes to the Microsoft Store. Some relate its policy with a more open approach triggering some “enthusiasm” from developers.

The giant’s new position is at the origin of renewed interest in this distribution channel. Over the past few months, several top app developers have released their creations on this store. One of the latest software to make an appearance is the popular, CCleaner. This is a Windows maintenance and cleaning utility. It acts at different levels including the registry to remove superfluous and polluting data.

CCleaner – Piriform Software Description

“CCleaner is the most popular PC optimization tool in the world. With just a few clicks, it frees up space, erases your online tracks, secures your computer and keeps it running at peak performance. And if you upgrade your license, you can automate it running in the background with smart rules. It is the ultimate all-in-one system utility.

CCleaner has become THE must-have APPLICATION for Windows PC users. Unfortunately, he faced various more or less important problems. Some have proven problematic enough to convince some users to stop using it. He suffered from a loss of confidence.

Last year it was the target of PUA warnings on Windows devices while Windows Defender Antivirus completely blocked it. Added to this were unsatisfactory statements from Microsoft downplaying its interest in typical Windows maintenance.

Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store

The “big changes” affecting the Microsoft Store concern its policy. They helped make the platform more attractive to software developers. The most notable new feature is third-party browsers. They can now use their own engines when published to the Microsoft Store.

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