Windows 11 boosts the popularity of the Microsoft Store according to Microsoft

The arrival of Windows 11 was accompanied by a “major” transformation of the Microsoft Store. This online service has benefited from significant work on its interface. Redmond also had its policy assessed in the right direction.

This is probably one of the facts that get stronger as you go up. It took a little more openness to make this service appealing to third-party developers. Microsoft has thus succeeded in making the Microsoft Store an interesting space for downloadable software. In a recent statement, the group says all of these efforts are starting to pay off. Traffic would now be much more substantial with an increase of a factor of 3. The giant explains

“Windows 11 also helps drive 3x more traffic to the newly redesigned Microsoft Store. Building on our open platform, we announced new store policies last year to create greater economic opportunities for creators and developers, paving the way not only for new apps, but also for new storefronts like Amazon and Epic Games. We are energized by the feedback from our customers and partners on the new Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store policy, a major change has taken place

One of the biggest updates in the Microsoft Store’s economic strategy concerns browsers. On Windows 11, these applications can now be offered through the engines of this service with their own. This is a major change of course applauded by many developers.

Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store

It is therefore no longer surprising that Internet browsers such as Firefox and Opera are now available through this store. Previously Microsoft required all browsers to allow themselves to use the engine built into their platform. The approach was not well received due to its closed and restrictive nature killing innovation and competition. Following Microsoft’s leadership change, Mozilla behind Firefox said

“People satisfied with the choice and we’re glad there’s an easier option to download Firefox on Windows.”

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