Windows 11 and Android, WSATools is available on the Microsoft Store

The Windows 11 operating system will support Android apps. This feature is expected but not yet available to everyone. It is only offered as part of the Windows Insider Program.

In addition Microsoft is cautious since certain restrictions are in place in particular regarding the Android applications available. It is not yet possible to install everything you want. The firm only authorizes a small collection of software.

An application called WSATools has however emerged to unlock all this. The objective of its author is to take advantage of the full potential of Android applications on Windows 11. Clearly WSATools is a utility allowing Windows 11 users to install almost any Android application through an approach very simple.

Windows 11, WSATools is available on the Microsoft Store

The application has just taken an important step. It is available to everyone through the Microsoft Store. The proposed version is 0.1.70. WSATools requires WSA to be present. Son developer add

“WSATools is NOW PUBLIC on the Microsoft Store! Thanks to everyone who helped. This update also improves ADB install, now it won’t crash for those of you who had this bug. This also fixes some crashing loading screens!”

Regarding the native function of Windows 11, we have no specific timetable from Microsoft. For now the focus seems to be testing through the Windows Insider program. The giant only underlined

“The Windows Subsystem for Android is available on the full range of Windows processors (AMD, Intel and Qualcomm). We’re partnering with Intel to leverage Intel Bridge technology to enable Arm-only apps to run on AMD and Intel devices, allowing customers to get the broadest set of apps across the broadest set. of devices. In order to provide a high-performance and secure customer experience for the Windows Insider Program, the subsystem requires Windows 11 machines to meet minimum system requirements – and we will use this release to validate and adjust those requirements.

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