Why would Samsung want to release a “PRO” model of the Galaxy Watch 5?

South Korea, more details on the Galaxy Watch 5 are already expected, which slightly changes their strategy to accommodate a “Pro” or “Ultra” model that raises the bar and suits the “naming” of smartphones.

We were saying a while ago that the big topic of smartwatches was precisely that they didn’t include the most basic health sensor there is, but Samsung and its Galaxy Watch 5 were already racing to include the first body thermometer based on the infrared technology that is built into a smartwatch, now sifts through all the leaks about the next-gen Galaxy Watch simmering in South Korea.

Following the trail of the Dutch companions of GalaxyClub, it seems that Samsung is careful to change the strategy of its smartwatches again this year, which will obviously put Wear OS again with the already known skin of One UI, but that in 2022 they will arrive no only in two flavors, the classic and the sportier, but also in a new “Ultra” or “Pro” finish that sought to raise the level of the device without foreseeing the costs.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 4, the first with the new version of Wear OS.

The information does not come out of nowhere, and it is that sources close to Samsung said that the Suwon offices were working with three model codes which would have the internal designations in the development code of ‘Heart-S’, ‘ Heart-L’ and ‘Heart-Pro’, which would be this superior version never previously released.

Samsung is working on its Galaxy Watch 5 and it looks like it can integrate a body thermometer, although in the latest leaks they tell us about an unknown ‘Pro’ or ‘Ultra’ model and that could promise us a lot more.

Samsung includes (finally) in its Galaxy Watch 5 the health sensor that could not miss

It’s worth remembering here that the Galaxy Watch4 can be bought in up to four versions, although in reality there are only two models with the ‘normal’ and the ‘Classic’ which come in two sizes each. The trick is that they only differ in their exterior finishes, since for all watches the hardware platform is identical except for screen size and battery.

So, this leak could also indicate that we are still talking about two models of the Galaxy Watch 5, even if the new strategy would lead us to one of the models being available in “S” and “L” versions depending on the sizes, use for the ‘Pro’ model a larger single case, with more battery and all the features of the new generation.

Anyway, what is clear is that the denomination would change to adapt a little more to what we know about smartphones, and the “base” Galaxy Watch 5 should be accompanied yes or no a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or Galaxy Watch 5 Ultra that has dropped the “Active” surnames of sportier models from previous years.

Samsung will most likely end up releasing two models, the cheaper base in different sizes and a full “Ultra” model that’s bigger and has a bigger battery.

It’s unclear what hardware differences there will be, either in design or materials, but given the sales of the Galaxy Watch4, expect Samsung to put on the finishes of the current Galaxy Watch4, which is lighter and more comfortable, for the base of the fifth generation, delivered the classic finish for an Ultra version that would not repair so much in size but rather in autonomy and functionality.

In fact, it is perhaps this larger and more efficient model that dares to integrate this infrared thermometer to complement cardiac, blood oxygen, blood pressure and ECG sensors, supplementing with body composition and the detection of falls the best health device available in the market.

We will have to wait a few weeks to find the Galaxy Watch 5, which will surely arrive next August with the foldable Galaxy Z of 2022, so we will surely continue to read and write about them… Stay tuned! to update your smartwatches!

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