Why Facebook and Instagram may well be cut in Europe

What if Facebook and Instagram access were simply cut off for all of Europe? This is a possibility that the parent company Meta has just mentioned!

Meta has been talked about a lot in recent months with its project to create a metaverse, which should allow it to gain a foothold in a new technology of the future. But the Cupertino company is also experiencing some problems, such as the very heavy fall recently recorded on the stock market or the reduction in its income due to Apple’s new private data policy. A lot of trouble that does not just stop at these private issues, since the giant also encounters hassles with certain major public authorities, as at the moment on the old continent.

In effect, Meta currently operates on a system for transferring its data from Europe to the United States, a transfer protected by the Privacy Shield – a legal tool that the European Court of Justice has disavowed, considering that it no longer offered the optimal security guarantees that European consumers were entitled to expect. Result, in a report submitted to the Security and Exchange Commission, Meta believes that if a new agreement with the European Union is not found to allow the hosting of European data in the United States, it could well cut off Facebook and Instagram’s access to Europe!

A serious threat?

A threat that, if realized, could be a disaster for many individuals, but also companies working through these social networks. But this is a cataclysmic scenario in which few believe, a withdrawal of Meta from the old continent would cut the group off from a very large market – a disaster for its income.. The American giant thus seems rather in full negotiations to continue its activity as before, by hosting the data of its users at the level of the United States.

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