Why does Tesla no longer offer chargers with its cars?

While many Tesla drivers have become accustomed to charging their vehicle via a SuperCharger station, or directly from a wall connector installed directly at home, some charge their car on a good old classic socket. Admittedly, this requires time, but it must be admitted that this possibility remains taken by some users, delighted to be able to use the “movable connector” offered by Tesla to all car buyers.

The end of the mobile charger offered at Tesla

However, it would seem that these same drivers are not numerous enough to convince Tesla to continue to “to offer” this mobile connector. Thus, the American manufacturer made the decision to stop including this connector with each car… to sell it separately. The American firm is indeed offering its mobile connector for sale, at a price of 275 dollars for level 1 charging, and 400 dollars for level 2 charging. Prices that have made some fans scream, so much so that Elon Musk a price quickly promised to drop.

Elon Musk has indeed indicated via Twitter (which he has partly owned for a few days) that “usage statistics were very low“and that continuing to offer this connector as standard with every vehicle was”a waste“.

Tesla also promises to include more adapters in the mobile charging kit than it did before. With each purchase of a vehicle, Tesla will therefore take care to offer an optional mobile connector to the buyer. Remember that the latter allows you to recover about twenty km for one hour of charging.

On this subject, Tesla strongly recommends that drivers use a SuperCharger network to refuel their vehicle, or even have a wall outlet installed at home.

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