Why does Facebook become Meta?

Like Google in its time, now Alphabet, Facebook is changing its name so that its future products, such as a connected watch and the metaverse, cannot prevent the image of… Facebook

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It was at the very end of his virtual conference, on October 28, that Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, a statement the name of Meta. This will be the name of the structure that will cover all the activities of the firm, whether it is social networks — such as Facebook we instagram –, of WhatsApp or even connected glasses and of theOculus Quest 2.

A strategy reminiscent of that carried out by Google in 2015 with Alphabet to group all its activities under this banner, even if, in the end, the group is still mainly referred to under the name of its search engine. Meta also recalls the concept of metaversei.e. the transposition of theuniverse real in the virtual for which Facebook has invested a lot in recent months.

A concept for which the social network also intends to recruit 10,000 people in Europe and commit 10 billion dollars to start. But erasing the name of Facebook for Meta and talking about the future is timely as the firm is in the wake of the turmoil caused by the revelations of whistleblower Frances Haugen, the famous Facebook Files.

A new brand to forget the present

the publication of these internal documents since the compromises and the hearing of this ex-employee before the American congress, the reputation of the giant of social networks is damn tarnished. The effects are felt strongly at the level of the stock market where its price has plummeted. It is therefore by wrapping himself in this new veil of Meta that Mark Zuckerberg seeks to make people forget these incidents.

By focusing on the metaverseFacebook is also planning for the future and intends to be the main player in this virtual universe. And, on the present side, the company is also beginning to multiply connected accessories. In addition to his pair of glasses, realize in collaboration with Ray-Ban, a new connected watch stamped Meta should be released next summer.

And precisely, an image of it has just been unearthed by a developer who has dissected theapplication related to the Ray-Ban Stories. In the photo posted by Bloombergwe can see a watch taking up the design of Apple Watchbut equipped with a small camera to take photos and videos directly.

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