Who is Mark Zuckerberg really?

D-Day you train in the creation of a social network that has infiltrated the lives of all connected: Facebook. Its self-proclaimed creator, Mark Zuckerberg, deserved his success because he may have had a head start on social media in 2004.

But, who is really Mark Zuckerberg ? “He’s an upper-middle-class kid. He has 3 sisters, his father is a dentist, his mother is a psychiatrist”start Julien Le Bot, director and author of the book Inside the head of Mark Zuckerbergat the microphone of D-Day.

“His mother decides to stop working to raise her children. His father is computer enthusiast and so very quickly we have this young Zuck, which is his nickname, who starts coding a little at home. It is also passionate of star wars“, adds Julien Le Bot. Mark Zuckerberg costume private coding lessons where it is “particularly brilliant”.

“And his father himself at home begins to install machines. He is convinced that one is a much more efficient dentist when one is able to digitize these files. He is also called ‘Monsieur Sans-Souffrance ‘ since he makes himself strong with new technologies to be closer to his patients”, specifies the director before adding: “So in fact Mark Zuckerberg bathes in this atmosphere. He is accompanied”.

A “meritocratic” education

“He goes through the most demanding meritocratic channel. He goes to school at Phillips Exeter Academy which allows him to learn to work with the best students who come from fairly wealthy families because it is not given study in those places. He ends up at Harvard because everything leads him to be this profile of a brilliant future engineer, vaguely entrepreneur, but above all very very connected by all that is computer. You could say he’s a geek”, notes Julien Le Bot.

“He is also interested in the history of‘Roman Empire. He is passionate about the fight of Good against Evil and therefore strong in his convictions, in this education which allowed him to become solid in his head, it finally allows him in 2004 to be able to work very little at Harvard and invest a lot on Facebook”, continues the director.

What about his portrait in “The Social Network”?

“I think The social network is a somewhat unfair film. I think we can blame Mark Zuckerberg for a lot of things and we have to. I believe that the film makes him a sociopath that he is not completely. Which is to say, obviously he was maybe a little shy, but in his twenties sometimes we are shythat doesn’t mean that deep down, you don’t have things to say to the whole world”.

Was he popular at Harvard? “It’s complicated, we are in ages where there is a lot of tension on these campuses, rivalries. On the other hand, what is certain is that he is very geek, so he’s more behind his screen than partying. But, I don’t think he made Facebook to ‘get laid’ with all the young girls on campus,” says Julien Le Bot.

“When we see his education, we understand that for a very, very long time, he has been passionate about computers, he is convinced, like his father, that computers and the Internet are good for humanity”, he concluded.

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