We present to you members of the Parisian team of ActuaBD on (…)

THE DREAM TEAM. Yes, behind our screens, we are humans in chairs and in bones! Small presentation of some of the editors of the site during a small meeting. Attention, video is made without any special effects or animal torture.

We start with the legendary ActuaBD.com dinosaur: the unique and inimitable Didier Pasamonikwho for once is not accompanied by our mascot, his dog Dobby.

The eco-revolutionary Yves Fremionanother ancient cartoonist, we welcomed the time of this meeting.

Jaime Bonkowski de Passosradiant ludon and immeasurable fan of A piecehas been contributing to the site for four years in the manga and comics categories.

Romuald Lefebvrethe comic book specialist takes you through the Panini albums and went to see the latest Marvel, the long-awaited Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Pierre Garrigues, connoisseur of children’s comics and editor for three years, member of the jury of the Prix Francs Bleu / ActuaBD.com, chronicles the albums of Bamboo, Petit à petit and Disney in particular. He also participates in the morning chronicles on radio J.

The multilingual Marlene Agius is one of the latest arrivals, writing for a few months for ActuaBD, but she has already signed interviews, album reviews as well as memorable reports.

former collaborator, Laurent Melikian who now works for ADAGP came as a neighbor to remind all the authors of images to come and claim their collective rights from his organization, there is a check waiting for them!

Sacha Puaux worships Tatsuki Fujimoto, but sometimes ventures to write on comics. You can also find it in the podcast The Bookseller’s Eye.

Finally, the best for last: Thelma Subbielletrainee for another two months, works as editorial secretary, manages social networks and writes news articles as well as various columns.


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