We met Samy Batnini, the Cannes creator of the “Météo Côte d’Azur” page on Facebook

When the heavens cry, Sam gloats. Storms have fascinated him since childhood. At the slightest creak, he entered his parents’ room and rushed to their window, which offered a clear view of the sky.

The little boy, motionless for hours, enjoyed an incomparable spectacle. This long hidden passion has never left her. She has never even stopped growing over the years, and now, at 31, occupies all her days. Without exception. It is he who, behind his phone screen, says rain or shine on social networks.

With his “Météo Côte d’Azur” page, followed by more than 180,000 people on Facebook, Samy Batnini has taken the temperature of the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var daily since November 2014.

“Already !” The Cannes man can’t believe it. Not a single day goes by without him talking about the weather. Too busy analyzing it, he doesn’t see it passing…

His days are not alike like two drops of water. They depend on the meteorological phenomena observed in the region. “That’s really what interests me.specifies Sam, last name son. I always need to understand what’s going on above our heads.”

The young man”chaotic school career” did not deign to study meteorological sciences. “I am self-taught!”

2015 floods

His perfect knowledge, Samy acquired it over the years after his long days of seasonal work, between two odd jobs, and according to events.

The floods of 2015″marked his life. “No one around me could talk to me! I was immersed in my page. I shared the photos and videos that were sent to me, I informed people about the evolution of the weather. My content had to be instantaneous. May he live!”

The feeling of being useful

Sam kept the same pace. The young man, former king of the night, has given up going out for his little pleasure: to receive the meteorological concerns of the next day before letting himself fall into the arms of Morpheus.

Which requires “lots of research”. It monitors not only “data captured and used by meteorological stations” but compare the different forecasting systems.

On his publications, he also takes care to add other “small details”: the ephemeris, the weather saying of the day, the astrological sign of people born on that day. Without forgetting the most important element: a photo or a video. “My subscribers send me so many! I select those on request my gaze remains added for more than two seconds.

His eyes should sparkle. His emotions, racing.

Why such a frenzy? “We feel so small in front of nature…”

And such regularity in its activity for which “he doesn’t touch a penny”? “I really feel like I’m helpful.”

Sam could eventually turn to other horizons. Maybe create weather media. A project that deservesto take time for reflection. Especially since he is not yet ready to delegate. “Météo Côte d’Azur is really my baby.”

For now, his community, “whom he loves madly”, does not say he is ready to follow him elsewhere than on social networks.

Don’t they say that the morning rain does not stop the pilgrim?

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