Volkswagen thinks correctly to beat Tesla by 2025

Volkswagen wants to sell more electric cars worldwide than Tesla from 2025.

Tesla is currently the undisputed leader of electric car manufacturers. Thanks to the arrival of the Model 3 and the Model Y SUV, two new models more financially accessible than the Model S and X, Elon Musk’s brand continues to increase its sales volumes and has even just placed its two models in first and third place in the European market.

But at Volkswagen, we intend to catch up with the electric giant within three years. Herbert Diess, the big boss of the German group, thinks that Volkswagen will become the biggest seller of electric cars by 2025.

More accessible models

Diess thinks that it is the presence of more affordable models (ID.3 and ID.4) that allow Volkswagen to overtake Tesla (whose Model 3 currently starts at €49,990 in France). Remember, however, that the American manufacturer is also working on a smaller and more affordable model. If a small Tesla arrives by 2025, Volkswagen’s plans could be shaken up…

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