Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey: “In love” in Venice, the couple shares photos

When they are invited to a fashion dinner, Vincent Cassel and his wife Tina Kunakey leave nothing to chance! While they had caused a sensation in Venice for the Biennale at the end of April, the lovers shared several photos of this romantic stay on Thursday.

They had indeed been invited to the evening organized by the haute couture house Valentino. An event for which they had carefully chosen their clothes: magnificent in a pink suit signed by the brand, the young model of 25 years had totally illuminated the evening. Her hair, usually very curly, this time was smooth and shiny and gave her the air of a real princess. At his side, Vincent Cassel, still chic but classic, wore a black suit in a very 70s style. Superb and above all still very much in love, the couple shone with a thousand lights!

And they didn’t stop there, if we were to believe the photos posted on the supermodel’s Instagram account! The young woman has indeed shared with her subscribers the pictures of a small boat trip”romantic“, which had surely taken place the day before or earlier in the day. Small moments of life, on which they seemed really at the height of happiness.

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