Twitter Circle: a feature similar to Instagram’s “Close Friends” option but for tweets

The social network announces the arrival of Twitter Circle, a feature that allows tweets to be shared with a restricted and chosen audience. An option very similar to the one offered by instagram with “Close Friends”.

Twitter Circle

Twitter Circle usable by users adjust the visibility of their tweetsby offering the possibility of select up to 150 other profiles to put them in a “closed circle”. Only the people chosen by the user will be able to see and interact with the messages published. It is during the publication of their tweet that users will select with which audience they wish to share it. This feature is currently available for a handful of accounts only, in order to conduct a test phase.

How it works ?

Similar to Close Friends on Instagram, users can edit their Twitter Circle at any time, without other users knowing when they are added or removed from the list. When a user is about to tweet, an oval pellet appears next to their profile picture allowing them to choose whether they want to post to all of their followers or just to their Twitter Circle. Even if they don’t have access to the feature yet, a user can see tweets from someone who already has it, as soon as they belong to their Twitter Circle. A mention Only people in @’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet » is displayed below the tweet if this is the case. When a user replies to a tweet sent by someone to their circle, only other members of the Twitter Circle can see their reply and interact, unless their account is in private mode.

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