Tutorial: how to share your Xbox account (Microsoft) on PC Windows 10|11 | Xbox One

While the practice of account sharing on Xbox consoles is already well known, another type of device from the same ecosystem can also benefit from it. It is indeed possible to share your Microsoft account on PC in order to benefit from games, DLC and even Xbox Game Pass PC or Ultimate from a loved one, which is very practical when you live in the same household and you want to play the same games. We explain all this to you in a few points.

Microsoft account sharing on PC under Windows 10 and Windows 11, what is it?

At the stage of account sharing on Xbox consoles, Microsoft account sharing on PC is extremely interesting since it allows you to enjoy all the digital content purchased by a loved one. That is to say, in a situation where you are two PC players in the same household on two different devices, it is possible for you to subscribe to only one Xbox Game Pass PC subscription. Unlike account sharing offered for example on the Steam platform, it is possible to play a game that the other person has purchased at the same time as the other person. The joys of cooperative games are yours.

Although the feature looks great on paper, however, it should be emphasized that only one person can enjoy each other’s games. Let’s take a concrete example.

  • Player A has an Xbox Game Pass PC subscription. He decides to share his account with his brother, Player B.
  • Player B can therefore take advantage of the converted serve. The latter decides to buy the Season Pass of The Outer Worlds. He will obviously be able to enjoy, but not player A since he is the one who shares his account. It would therefore have been necessary for player A to obtain it so that both could benefit from it.

How do I share my account?

Sharing your account on PC is very simple. In effect, the one who owns the games, DLCs and subscriptions they want to share (player A in the previous example) will have absolutely no manipulation to perform.

The one who benefits from the content of the other will have on the other hand a few things to do. immune to doing this with someone you trust since player B needs to get player A’s username and password.

  • 1. Connect Player A’s Microsoft Store account

The main player’s account (the one who shares his account) must be connected to the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 or Windows 11. Only one profile can be connected at a time, you will have to automatically disconnect any other account.

  • 2. Install the Xbox app

Then go to the Microsoft Store search bar and search for the Xbox app, then download it. You can also go directly through this link.

  • 3. Set up accounts on the Xbox PC app

When you start the Xbox app for the first time, you will be automatically logged in with the account that is logged in on the Microsoft Store, i.e. that of player A. It is then necessary to disconnect this account from the Xbox app to connect the account with which you intend to play, or that of player B. Then the application found that the game account and the store account are not the same. You can then check in the settings that the player’s account is that of player B and the Store account is of player A. You can then download all the content of player A and enjoy it.

However, if the Store account does not update, it is possible to modify it by clicking on “Modify my Microsoft Store account”. You will then be prompted to disconnect the account and press “Edit my Microsoft Store account” a second time to reconnect account A.

What can you share with your Microsoft account on PC?

Just like account sharing on Xbox consoles, it is possible to share all digital content. This therefore includes: games, DLCs and subscriptions such as Xbox Game Pass PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. We couldn’t verify if this worked for microtransactions like buying virtual currencies in games.

Despite the integration of EA Play into the Xbox Game Pass PC via the Ultimate formula, the publisher’s games cannot be shared since they will happen to go through EA Deskstop, the dedicated launcher, and the latter does not take not take this sharing feature into account.

Microsoft Store Account Sharing FAQ

Does sharing work if we don’t use the same version of Windows?

Whether you are a fan of Windows 10 or Windows 11, there is absolutely no barrier. The manipulation remains the same with Windows 11.

Does sharing my Microsoft Store account affect my console account sharing?

There is absolutely no relationship between sharing on PC and sharing on consoles. You can very well share on Xbox console with your sister and share your PC account with your father.

Is account sharing allowed? Are there any risks?

Yes, account sharing is allowed and does not involve any risks. It should be noted that there is still a tab dedicated to account management in the Xbox application. This is indeed a feature supported and offered by Microsoft with a specific mention on the Microsoft site to give this possibility:

If you plan to play or use subscriptions purchased by someone else who uses this PC (for example, a parent), you must add their account in the Xbox app settings. Otherwise, games already installed using this account will not launch because they were not acquired using the account you use to play.

To change the Microsoft Store account for sharing purchases and licenses in the Xbox app:

  • 1. Launch the Xbox app and sign in with the Microsoft account you use for Xbox.
  • 2. Select your gamerpic, then Settings.
  • 3. Under Account, select Change Microsoft Store account.
  • 4. Follow the onscreen instructions to add the Microsoft account for the games you play.

If I change PC, do I have to start the procedure again?

In the event of a change of PC, it will be imperative to restart the procedure from A to Z.

Have you noticed any technical problems?

As Player B, I’m having a problem starting Gears 5 if I don’t log in first. For example, I can’t connect to game services if player A (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owner) is already connected. No other problems have been encountered so far.

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