Top 10 things not to do with your Facebook account

Weak password, saving login information, using outdated email address or phone number, lying about age, letting anyone see our posts. This is a practice to avoid to protect your account. We give you the top 10 things not to do on Facebook.

Social networks are full of our personal information, whether we share it or not.

We share photos, events or even our position with the whole world without ever wondering if it’s safe.

In this top 10, we present you the bad practices to avoid doing on your Facebook account as well as the links to explanatory chronicles to correct everything.

1- Use a weak password or one used elsewhere for your account

It is well known, using a weak password is to be avoided. Using a password similar to what another or others of our accounts is also really not a good thing to do.

But, by dint of creating accounts everywhere, you can forget the password that you had assigned to them.

That’s why there are password managers to help us! These have generated forts for us and store them securely by encrypting them.

Stop remembering tons of passwords with Dashlane Manager

Get strong and secure passwords with NordPass Encrypted Manager

Forget your passwords and secure your accounts with the 1Password manager

2- Use registration information to log in

Ah the automatic connection via the registration of information, it’s so fast! On arrives on Facebook, on clicks on our photo and voila! We are connected.

The problem is that if our device falls into the wrong hands or is hacked, it will be very easy for a malicious person to access our account and steal our identity.

A means of connection to be avoided at all costs!

How to opt out of saving your login information on Facebook

3- Use a main email address that you no longer have access to

Again, either to verify our account or to notify us of a suspicious login to our account, having a valid email address that we still use today is essential to protect our Facebook account.

If you use an email service from a telecommunications provider like Videotron or GlobeTrotter from Telus, this can be a problem. Unless we unsubscribe from them, we lose our email address.

Not ideal if we use it for our Facebook account…

This is why it is important to ensure that the main email address of your Facebook account is one that you will always have access to with an email service such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or others.

Comment modifier his main email address on his Facebook account

4- Do not update your phone number if it has changed

Facebook asks us to add a phone number when creating an account and it’s not a scam.

In fact, adding a phone number not only protects access to our account, but also facilitates its unblocking if our account is suspended.

If for any reason, on a wrong number or that we have changed our phone number, it would be wise to update it!

How to Add and Update Your Phone Number on Facebook

How to enable two-factor authentication on Facebook to protect your account

5- Lying about your age

For one reason or another, when we register on Facebook, we may have decided to put a false date of birth.

Or, it is not impossible that Facebook asks us, one day, to validate our identity. This can happen especially if he suspects irregular activity.

Surprise! It’s not our date of birth and access to our account is now blocked…

This is why it is important to indicate its real date!

How to change your date of birth on your Facebook account and the risks of putting a false one

6- Do not name trusted friends to recover your account

Phishing attempts are not lacking on the web to try to steal our login information and access our Facebook account.

In a case where we should fall into a trap, we will be very happy to have named a trusted friend in his Facebook account!

This can help us recover access to our account!

How to Nominate Trusted Friends to Help Recover Our Hacked Facebook Account

7- Participate in the fake contest or fake quiz

Many fake contests surface on Facebook every day. A RV here, a phone there… Scammers use different schemes to appease people.

Several of them then seek to steal our access to our account by redirecting us to a malicious page where we must enter our login information.

They can easily be recognized using the four clues presented in my article below.

How to Instantly Recognize Fake Facebook Contests

On the other hand, there are also all those seemingly playful quizzes that invite us to find out which Disney princess we are or which Hogwarts house we would be in.

These surveys too often aim to do what is called Data Scrapping. In short, to collect information about us in the hope of using it to gain access to our account.

Hackers can thus try to see if this information is linked to a password or to a security question!

Why should we be wary of quizzes and personality tests on social media

8- Put your publications public

By default, when we create a Facebook account, all our publications are public. In short, anyone can follow us!

This is ideal for hackers who can do Data Scrapping as explained in point 7.

Changing the privacy of our posts so that only our friends can see our posts helps prevent this.

It also helps prevent more embarrassing publications from resurfacing if you apply for a job, for example.

It is possible to modify the confidentiality for our past and future publications.

How to opt out of being tracked and change your account privacy

How to stop old Facebook posts from haunting us

9- Let anyone subscribe to their profile

That it is our friends who had access to our publications, it is completely normal. But when it is strangers who can get to know our habits, our surroundings or even the significant events of our lives, this can pose a problem.

So much information that can be used for spear-phishing campaigns. In short, to be targeted by a fraud that seems credible, since it uses personal information.

Although one has changed the privacy of his account, also making sure to unsubscribe from our account can prevent us from that.

How to prevent being tracked on Facebook

10- Do not name a legatee contact

Nobody knows when we’re going to die.

And when that happens, there are a lot of things to think about, and sometimes those things are as insignificant as our Facebook account.

However, it is possible and important to appoint a legatee contact who makes sure to take all the necessary steps on your behalf upon your death.

How to choose a legacy contact to manage your Facebook account after your death

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