this Ukrainian influencer uses Instagram to tell her daily life

Karina Trygubchak arrived safe and sound in Bulgaria. Instagram screenshot/@karina_na_more

As war continues to ravage Ukraine, this influencer beauty is using her Instagram account to alert the world to the situation in her country.

Almost two months ago, Karina Trygubchak was living peacefully in Kharkiv, Ukraine, alongside her six-year-old son and her husband. Then everything changed. The skincare influencer’s Instagram account has 1.3 million followers. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the young woman has regularly published photos and videos there to testify to the situation in her country, and to tell how the conflict has impacted her life. “I want to tell the world what Ukraine was like and what they are doing to them. I consider it my mission to show him what is going on,” she explained in an interview with the Vogue UK April 16.

On March 22, Karina Trygubchak shares a video on her Instagram account that compiles moments from her life before, followed by terrible images of the war. The happy memories spent with the family, with her son and her husband, are followed by videos of bombings, buildings in flames or military planes flying over the city. In legend, she expresses what she feels. “People often ask me how I am. It is very difficult to answer in one sentence, that’s why I created this video (…) The lyrics of the song (which accompanies the video, Editor’s note) say: “The fact is that I no longer have a home” (…). It is an infernal pain”.

Now a refugee in Bulgaria, the 31-year-old continues to share similar videos in her Instagram stories. “There was no way for me to stay silent,” she confides to Vogue UK. “It is also my personal tragedy. I couldn’t shut up and not share it.” In 2014, the influencer had already fled the conflict in Dombass, the region where she grew up. After this new exile, she dreams of being able to return home one day: “I want to water the flowers in my house, drink tea from my favorite cup, complain about the weather and traffic jams…”, she writes on Instagram.

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The Ukrainian reality

On March 4, she shared for the first time, on her account, photos of her and her son fleeing the country. In legend, she explained her journey: “On February 23, we went to bed at home and everything was as usual. At 5:15 a.m. I woke up to shelling and shelling.” She continues to explain that she immediately decided to leave Kharkov with her son, dragged behind her by her husband, since the law of the country prohibits men aged 18 to 60 from fleeing. “We rode for five days. We slept a few hours a day and we couldn’t eat anything, the food stuck to our throats,” she says on Instagram. “I couldn’t sleep at all. The military planes were flying very low all night, I was terrified that they might start dropping bombs.”

A month after the start of the conflict, Karina Trygubchak finally arrived safely in Bulgaria. She tries to adapt, with her son, to this new life, far from her native country. And tries to continue its influence activities. “Part of my team stayed in Kharkiv and continues to work. It often happens that they work from basements because there are attacks,” she explains. “Each of my days starts with a call to see if all my employees are alive and well. It’s just terrifying.”


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