This Samsung projector is on sale for 500 euros, find out quickly

Transform your living room into a home cinema room with this video projector on sale on the official Samsung website.

The The Première video projector is benefiting from a crazy discount on the Samsung site at the moment. Find it with 500 euros in savings or 2999 euros instead of 3499 euros on the Samsung site. Watching films and series will become child’s play thanks to this easy-to-use quality projector. You just have to place it in front of the wall on which you can then enjoy the projection to see the images scrolling with incredible sharpness worthy of the cinema. Easily transportable, this discreet video projector developed by Samsung has not said its last word. Its average rating of 4.7 out of 5 should convince you to order it within a few days while it will still benefit from the Samsung promotion. It’s up to you to change the way you view screenless content.

Take advantage of a Samsung projector at a reduced price to watch your movies

This Samsung The Première video projector is at a price that is hardly believable on the official Samsung website, at 2999 euros instead of 3499 euros. This projector has an ultra-short focal length to allow you to place it closer to the wall and get a magnified image. Choose the picture size to suit you or go for a cinema-like picture with its stunning 120-inch display. Its laser projection and 4K display give you a sharp, colorful and bright image that brings out every detail on a white wall. The dedicated projection screen will give you even more precise and bright images, but you can only use the projector so as not to clutter up your living room. Equipped with an integrated smart TV, find all your streaming applications and content from the Samsung video projector in a few moments. The audio is also there, more immersive and faithful than ever.

The Première video projector at a price of 2999 euros instead of 3499 euros on the Samsung site

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