this massacre in China which makes her mad!

Some complained about the situation in France because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But this is nothing compared to what is currently happening in Shanghai. Indeed, the Chinese metropolis is facing a new increase in cases in the city and throughout the country. Faced with this situation, the government has therefore decided to confine the inhabitants in a rather muscular way. In addition to forcing them to stay at home, some, positive for Covid-19, see their cats recovered to then be killed… A situation that has knocked Alizée out of its hinges.

Grégoire Lyonnet’s company is passionate about animals. So much so that the family lives with several dogs and cats. It is for this reason that at the loss of one of them, the small tribe experiences the disappearance of one of their hairballs as a real mourning, very difficult to overcome. Proof of this is with the numerous publications of Alizée, in the space of a few weeks, when she lost two loved ones.

The situation that scandalizes her

Indeed, after saving Nala, a 6-month-old dog rescued from a shelter in Ajaccio, the one who had won Dance with the stars a few years ago announced the loss of Galak, their little chihuahua who was 10 years old. “I was so dreading this day when you were going to leave us… Thank you for being in our lives for over 10 years…”, she announced with a heavy heart. But on March 15, she again had to face sad news when her cat Easy lost her life.

Animals therefore occupy an important place in the heart of Alizée. This is why, when she sees the massacre that is currently taking place in Shanghai, she cannot remain unmoved and remain calm. She just shared a sequence this Friday, May 6, published by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which relayed an alarming situation in the Chinese city. “In Shanghai Authorities are piling live cats into trash bags by the side of the road to kill them… These heartbreaking images were filmed in the Chinese metropolis. Dozens of cats have been aroused after their owners tested positive for the Covid19″, was it explained in the report shared on Instagram. Alizée accompanying her post son with a “scandalous” meaning a lot…

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