this huge blunder in concert that did not go unnoticed

Angèle is back on stage and she does not hide that the public had missed her enormously. A mutual feeling among the fans of the star who were impatiently waiting to see her interpret the titles of her new album. It must be admitted, since Angèle made a name for herself in the musical universe, she continues to pleasantly surprise the public. The ranks of her fans are growing visibly and she is becoming more and more comfortable on stage to deliver impressive shows. Romeo Elvis’ little sister who was spotted by her song Murphy’s Law, in 2017, has come a long way since then. And with ninety-fiveit explodes the statistics.

But stars of Angèle’s stature may seem more perfect year after year, album after album, but they’re still human. In fact, they can sometimes make mistakes. However, fans of the Belgian singer know it, she is the type to apologize rather twice when someone points out a blunder. Even if it’s not his fault. Objeko you therefore propose a zoom on this error which was revealed on a place during a concert date of the tour of Angèle. An error underlined by a fan and immediately integrated by the singer, sorry.

Angèle pursues a flamboyant career

At only 26 years old, the beauty released her second album and made a new hit. Indeed, some might believe that Angèle has been shining in the world of song for more than 10 years as she is so comfortable and it is so obvious that she has her place there. But it was in October 2021 that the singer released a new single titled Brussels I love you. At the same time, she announced the release of her second album called Ninety-Five. If his public was attentive, it did not escape him that this new opus was to be released on

Indeed, rather than patiently waiting for the official release date, Angèle decided to release her new album by surprise a week earlier. It was therefore, on December 3, 2021 at midnight that his audience could discover his new songs. A surprise that was both a gift for her fans and a gift for her. Since she announced this decision, during a live on Instagram on her birthday. Finally, it was only a matter of time for Angèle to hit the road again to begin the tour of the name of her new album.

The tour then began on April 21 and Angèle’s fans were not at the end of their surprises. Because the artist’s shows are worth the detour, Objeko could not say otherwise. Several stage costumes, breathtaking choreographies, amazing sound and light effects… In short, Angèle gives herself the means to achieve unforgettable performances for her fans.

A concert that the public will remember, for reasons other than the stage performances of the star

One of the surprises of the shows on Angèle’s tour is that she will change the name of the city from her title. Brussels I love you to replace it with that of the city where it is located. A delicate attention and appreciated by his audience, that goes without saying. Moreover, it is enough to walk a few seconds on the social networks of Angèle to realize that all the cities requested by her are filled with happiness.

But now in Poitiers, it’s the drama. Objeko as you said above, it was a question of a blunder which made Angèle die of shame. She’s not that serious after all. Indeed, interpreting Brussels I love you in Poitiers, it was no longer showers of waffles that were displayed on the screens present on the stage. It was posters on making one could read “Poitier I love you”. Unfortunately, the name of the city was missing an “s” and one of his fans did not hesitate to point this out to him.

“I don’t mind that sometimes I mess with the waffles but for once, the sign was not me. So sorry Poitiers, you could write Andgele for revenge. I love you otherwise. », then wrote Angèle on Twitter to apologize. So here is one more memory that is unlike any other!

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