this big announcement that will leave no one unmoved!

It’s official ! Florence Foresti FINALLY signs son petit to come back to the delight of his admirers! This Tuesday, May 10, the star caused a sensation by revealing an unpublished snapshot on Instagram. In front of the lens, the actress appears in her simplest device: Sexy and glamorous at will. Nothing like it to capture the attention of Internet users.

“I am overjoyed AND super stressed to announce this news to you”, explains the star, confirming that she will play from September 28 to December 31, 2022 at the Théâtre Marigny in Paris. Let his fans be reassured, their idol should also play in the provinces. But also in Switzerland and Belgium. His new tour as highlighted in his publication is called “Boys, boys, boys”. An obvious nod to singer Sabrina’s iconic hit.

As usual, Florence Foresti will certainly satisfy her spectators with her countless potash anecdotes out of sight. On stage, the main interested party will certainly dissect the relationships between men and women. His favorite theme. You have been warned!

“I have a lot of ambition…”

“OH MY GOD. I missed you so much! Can’t wait to be back on stage”, “This news that brings a smile back”, “Olalala The Queen is back”, “I want to see too much”, can we read in the thread of the comments of his post.

Since her presentation of the Césars in 2020, the artist has been done discreetly to the chagrin of her audience. A media withdrawal to better return! Stand-up icon, Florence Foresti won over the crowds with her unmissable shows. Especially with mother fucker or even Mrs Foresti. A born hard worker, challenges do not scare her. Quite the contrary.

“I’m just a paradox: on the one hand, I like to hang out and, on the other, I need to be stimulated to feel alive”, a she analyzed in the columns of the magazine SHE. “So, I live very high, because I have a lot of ambition, and afterwards, I’m in deep shit, because I realize that it’s really very high for my little person”. It is said !


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