This 75-year-old grandma is becoming an Instagram star thanks to her fitness classes

At 75, Joan MacDonald is somewhat out of place in the world of fitness influencers on Instagram. But that does not prevent him from being able to count on a solid community of 1.5 million subscribers on his “trainwithjoan” account.

This Canadian, however, has not always been immersed in the world of sport. She only decided to take up physical activity at the age of 71 after a medical appointment. “His doctor, who has prescribed him a cocktail of drugs for several years, raises the possibility of doubling the doses, while his hypertension has worsened”, indicates ABC News in an article spotted by West France.

She loses 30 kg

But she decided to refuse this situation, preferring to totally change her way of life. Joan MacDonald then chose to join her sports coach daughter in Mexico for a month.

Thanks to the practice of sport and a change in diet, the results are quickly felt. She persevered and lost almost 30 kg. After four years, she was able to give up some medical treatments.

She is starting a small business

At the same time, her daughter motivated her to open an Instagram account. This is how she introduced herself on social networks where she distills her advice every day on bodybuilding exercises or even food, without forgetting to post photos where she appears in a bikini.

Faced with the success encountered on Instagram, Joan MacDonald even created a website and a mobile application.

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