These enthusiasts want to create the Instagram of literature

Bringing together all lovers of literature on a common platform. This is the ambition of the social network Copper, recently launched in the United States. Its founder, Allison Trowbridge, herself a writer, has no shortage of ambitions for this project, which starts from the observation that authors and readers have never really had a dedicated social network worthy of the name.

Livestreaming sessions and discussions with readers

Quoted by our colleagues from Techcrunchthe entrepreneur clarifies on this subject:

You have Twitch for gamers, Etsy for crafters, Spotify and SoundCloud for musicians. Authors have never had a platform built around their needs, helping them reach an audience and do so in a way that’s authentic and engaging, but also creates depth in people-to-people relationships.

And precisely, Copper intends to work on it and will allow authors to organize livestreamings and paid events. Discussion forums with fans could also be offered.

To finance these various functionalities which will be enriched over time, the founder intends to create a premium version which will offer access to additional options. The rest of the social network will still be available for free.

To make its launch as successful as possible, Copper is open in beta version on iOS and has a waiting list of 6,000 people, including 3,000 authors who have already been published. This initiative will be interesting to follow and may not extend to the whole world, and in particular to France.

Remember that there are other platforms dedicated to literature. To cite just one example, we spoke to you in particular in an article published in 2020 by Carry A Book. This application aims to unite lovers of literature in a virtual or real way.

A bit like Tinder, people can correspond but the objective is not asked here to make romantic encounters but rather to exchange on the subject of books.

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