the town hall of Bletterans posts on Facebook the steps of an indelicate person who walked on fresh concrete and it heats up on the canvas.

One step, fine. Two steps, why not, it can be carelessness. But dozens of steps, “leave concrete”! Barring an alibi of the same ilk, there was indeed the desire on the part of a biped to leave his mark on the Jura sidewalk. Not very “flowing”!

On the phone, at the town hall of Bletterans, we are told that they do not want to make a big deal out of it. But it was important to mark the occasion. And for municipalities, Facebook is now an ideal communication vector. In direct contact with its constituents, for better or for worse.

It heated up on the web on Wednesday when the town hall’s Facebook page posted photos of the incivility. The victim ? The fresh tar, laid on Tuesday morning by the workers carrying out the road works. The drama scene? The sidewalk, for ten meters, marked by the footprints of an indelicate.

Suffice to say that on the social network where we draw tar and feathers at the slightest annoyance, Internet users have had a field day. Some “Columbo” Jura even have their own idea about the owner of the shoes who posed for posterity.

But the town hall does not want to go any longer. The objective was above all to give thanks to the work of the workers who worked for several weeks on the redevelopment site of the Place du Colombier and its surroundings. Work having cost several million euros of investment co-financed by the regional council and which will be carried out this Saturday, May 14.

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