The takeover of Twitter is in jeopardy, Apple loses its title of n°1, this is the recap

Elon Musk must suspend the takeover of Twitter, Apple is overtaken in the ranking of the laudable companies by an oil company, there is a trick to do without a Microsoft account under Windows 11, this is the recap ‘of the day before.

That’s it, it’s the weekend! If you missed the various news that punctuated the weekend, don’t worry: we have prepared a short summary of the most applicable news. And between Elon Musk who is forced to suspend the takeover of Twitter or Apple who is dethroned by the oil giant Saudi Aramco at the global level, there is plenty to do. Not to mention a short tutorial that allows you to free yourself from a Microsoft account when installing Windows 11. So here we go, here is the summary of the most significant news from the day before.

Elon Musk is forced to suspend the takeover of Twitter

Would the boss of Tesla have to worry about the takeover of Twitter? An investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, but also too many fake accounts on the social network, could jeopardize his attempt to get his hands on the social network. The billionaire himself had to suspend his offer, which caused the action of the little blue bird to fall by 25%.

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Apple takes second place in the ranking of the most commendable companies

If the Cupertino company is capitalized to the tune of 2130 billion (all the same!), it is no longer the most commendable company in the world. The title now goes to Saudi Aramco, the Saudi oil giant, which has overtaken Apple by 90 billion. Don’t worry: we can count on Apple to roll up our sleeves and recover its number 1 title in the coming months.

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Installing Windows 11: how to do without a Microsoft account

If you want to install Windows 11, it is now essential to have a Microsoft account. This obligation, which was in place under Windows 11 Home, also lands in the Pro version of the operating system. But there is a trick to bypass this necessity. We explain everything to you in our little tutorial of the day.

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