The Samsung Galaxy S22 would lose its value 3 times faster than the iPhone

The Galaxy S22 range is certainly one of the best current offers on the Android market, but Samsung is not doing as strongly on the second-hand market since, according to a study, the price of these models for sale is negotiated much more lower than that of its competitors.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus // Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

It’s well known that Android smartphones generally depreciate faster than the iOS competition. But in the Android family, there is a manufacturer that this phenomenon particularly affects: Samsung. With its latest flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S22, it seems that the South Korean firm’s smartphones are unable to maintain their initial value over time, at least not as well as their competitors.

This is reported by a study by the SellCell site, which compared the selling price of the latest flagships of three brands (Apple, Samsung and Google) during the first two months following their launch. The study chose to identify the prices of the different models when they were indicated to be in “good condition” or “like new” on the Internet to assess the depreciation that was practiced.

Apple, king of retention

Unsurprisingly, Apple’s iPhone 13s hold their value the best. There is an average drop of 16.4% in the selling price for the models of the Cupertino company with the iPhone 13 Mini which is their worst student. Its price drop being 29.2% after 2 months, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max manages to lose only 3.8% of its value over the same period and acts as the best student (figures for the “like new” category).

Google in second place

The second in the ranking turns out to be Google with its Pixel range which loses 41.5% of its original value in comparison, which already represents a more substantial figure. At the Mountain View firm, it is the Pixel 6 Pro that discounts the fastest with an acquired loss of 44.2% when the Pixel 6 makes the best figure with a minimum deficit of 33.1%.

But the worst of the three is certainly Samsung which ends up with the bronze here since according to the survey, SellCell presents the loss of value of the S22 range at 46.8%, which makes it the highest decrease among the three brands. quoted. At Samsung, it is the Galaxy S22+ that retains its price the least well and which drops by 53.8% after only 2 months of life. Its best model at this level being the Galaxy S22 Ultra which still lost 41.7% of its value over this period.

Samsung, the best deal on the second-hand market?

So it would seem that when it comes to amortization of the purchase price of your smartphone, Samsung is not the most recommendable. This will not take away from the quality of their smartphones. But if your ultimate goal is to resell your phone, you now know what you can expect to receive for each brand. The study period only extends over 2 months, but it is not uncommon to sell your smartphone after a year and a half, two years, or even more. Since the duration since the launch only increases, we can think that the discount will do the same, unless the price ends up stabilizing after a while. Which was great news for people looking for a good second-hand smartphone.

Be careful though, this study is very focused on the American market, which explains the choice of three manufacturers widely highlighted across the Atlantic. Likewise, she has encountered Chinese manufacturers such as OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo or Realme. We therefore do not know how to compare the discount of Samsung smartphones with those of Chinese manufacturers.

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