The Samsung Galaxy S22 is affected by an avalanche of good deals

Now is a great time to grab yourself the latest Samsung phone, the Galaxy S22 with these crazy deals available on the official website for a few more days.

The latest high-end smartphone released by Samsung, the Galaxy S22 keeps all its promises and much more with tempting offers to discover on the official Samsung website. Until April 30, 2022, benefit from a 100 euro trade-in bonus on your old phone for any purchase of a Galaxy S22 or even 150 euros refunded on certain Samsung accessories in addition to your purchase of the S22 such as the Galaxy Buds or the Galaxy watch. Likewise, enjoy a free year of Samsung Care+ insurance valid for your new S22 smartphone or a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live with any purchase of an exclusive Galaxy S22 color such as gray, sky blue or red. This is the last straight line to take advantage of these offers on the official Samsung website.

Samsung Galaxy S22: focus on crazy features

With its Exynos 2200 processor, the Galaxy S22 effortlessly handles all the tasks you give it, even the most arduous or time-consuming ones. Working on large files, using power-hungry applications is also easy thanks to its 8 GB of RAM. Its AMOLED screen offers you an ideal refresh rate of 120 Hz so that all your content appears fluidly and without problems. Its triple photo module includes a 50 Mpx telephoto lens to provide you with truly qualitative photos that perfectly reproduce your surroundings. The ambient light sensor constantly adjusts the display to the light around you for a pristine display no matter what. The Samsung Galaxy S22 has 25W fast charging to charge quickly when you don’t have time. Charge it contactless, too, with 15W wireless charging. To unlock it, just place a finger under the screen, and the fingerprint reader will do the rest. Certified IP 68, it resists water as well as perspiration and dust, so it can accompany you everywhere. It features a Spen to draw freehand sketches or take notes instantly without paper or pencil. Its 4nm processor and 8-core CPU combine to achieve peak performance and improve your efficiency. It gives you the benefit of an accumulated stability system so that your shots are always sharp.

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The advantages of buying the Samsung Galaxy S22 on the official website

For the commander, why not go through the official Samsung website? This allows you to pay for the purchase of your Samsung Galaxy S22 in 3 or 4 instalments according to your needs for greater ease. You can also benefit from free express delivery on your purchase and receive your new smartphone as soon as possible within 24 hours and sometimes the same evening if you live in the Paris region. In the event of a problem or dissatisfaction, you can return your smartphone free of charge within 14 days of receipt and Samsung will cover the shipping costs. To stock up on savings, think about the location of the Samsung Galaxy S22, so you can get an idea of ​​its capabilities but also change phones every 4 months if you feel like it. Samsung also offers several warranty and insurance extensions to reassure you and make your purchases even more secure. Moreover, at the moment, receives one year of free subscription to Samsung Care + insurance for any purchase of a Galaxy S22 before April 30, similarly and during the same period for the purchase of an S22, take advantage of a 100 euro trade-in bonus on the value of your old device. Other offers are available until April 30 for the purchase of a Galaxy S22 such as 150 euros reimbursed on the joint purchase of Samsung accessories, or a pair of Galaxy Buds Live headphones offered for the purchase of ‘ ‘an exclusive color of the S22.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 benefits from many offers

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