“The protocol worked rather well”: Florent Pagny gives reassuring news about his fight against cancer

” I am very well. “Almost three months after starting treatment for lung cancer, singer Florent Pagny gave his news on Instagram on Tuesday. “I didn’t impose a Netflix series on you about my treatment and my story, but now that it’s behind me, since I still have chemo, I can tell you that I’m doing very well,” he says facing the camera. , shaved head.

“The protocol worked rather well: from the first two chemos, my tumor which was as big as a kiwi turned into a hazelnut”, he continues in his video. The shaved head, the goatee and the mustache cut, he admits it: “I changed my look a little, but it is the treatment that wants that. I’ll get used to it and it will pass. »

We still have to wait for the next results to confirm that Florent Pagny is well off the hook. “We have a lot of confidence,” he told his fans, however. “I was very well accompanied medically, by my other half and my children”, he greets, also wanting to thank his fans who sent him “thousands of messages” which, in a certain way, “cleared to pass this story”.

“That doesn’t stop me from having a good face”

Viewers of “The Voice” had however been able to see Florent Pagny in great shape in recent weeks, the show having been largely recorded before. Until Saturday evening: the interpreter of “Knowing how to love”, coach of the program, had appeared shaved head on the set, for this program recorded on February 19. “It’s not even a cut anymore, the events have been remembered and I have cut short their sufferings. These chemos are losing a little hair but that’s fine, it does not prevent me from staying in shape and having a good face, ”he explained about his hair.

It is already on Instagram that Florent Pagny had revealed, four months ago, to be suffering from lung cancer. “I will not be able to continue my 60th anniversary tour,” he explained. “I have just been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the lungs”, he explained, announcing a protocol of “six months of procreation and X-rays”. This Tuesday, Florent Pagny assures him: “We meet again next year to finish what I started”, in particular his tour.

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