The Panthère 2.0 interview: the elections, Instagram, French rap, Le Havre

By inviting himself in the middle of the election period with the release of his new opus Medina France, Médine does what he knows how to do best, a raw and committed rap, but always with a touch of humor. Interview without language of wood with the Mc havrais to the 8 albums…

The timing is not accidental, coming to slip the release of his 8th album between the 2nd round of the presidential elections and the 1st round of the legislative elections, Médine clearly wishes to make a place for itself in the various debates which have shaken French society in recent times. Faced with the breakthrough of the far right with the historic score that the RN has achieved, Medina takes up the pen and continues its fight. From the cover where he put forward his identity card to the choice of the 1st single Medina France, where he draws up an overall report of the situation in the world, Le Havre confirms that he has still not laid down his arms. This new opus is also an opportunity for the 39-year-old Mc to indulge a little more, to refocus on himself. Unlike his other projects, this one does not contain any featuring and highlights the rapper’s journey, but also the other elements of his universe such as his attachment to his city, Le Havre.

Medina – Medina France :

Booba and Medina have a tough exchange about Macron! [Vidéo]

Commitment in the blood

In a new interview without waffling, Médine tells us about the creation of this new opus (Medina France) and the period in which he chose to leave. He explains that ideally, he would even have liked to publish it a little earlier. He distils a few words on the targets of his attacks in this project, namely the party of Marine Le Pen (which we remember had reacted to the clip of Kyll), the RN rather than that of Eric Zemmour. We also talk about the commitment to French rap during the April elections: “I stopped thinking that French rap absolutely had to have a commitment in those moments”, we slip there. He also talks about the more personal pieces of the project like Seum attic in which he lists the people who have hurt him in the past or The power of the port of Le Havre in which Medina reappropriates the image of its city. He ends by returning to his political commitment, his convictions which could lead him to run for mayor of Le Havre one day!

Medina – The Panther 2.0 interview :

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