The “One Outlook” universal client is unveiled

Screenshots of Microsoft’s upcoming universal One Outlook client have leaked. And it looks very much like the existing dj web app.

The unification of the various Outlook clients is underway at Microsoft under the name “One Outlook”. But for the moment the Redmond firm remained discreet about the presentation of this unifying tool. It was without counting on the leaks on the web. A web development specialist, FireCube Studios, published on its Twitter account several screenshots showing the design of the next universal mail client.

These photos show that One Outlook strongly resembles the existing web application, with a hint of the Fluent Design language used by Microsoft. In another set of screenshotswe will note a greater integration with collaborative solutions such as Yammer, Booking and One Note.

Integration with tools like One Note will be stronger in the upcoming One Outlook client. (Photo credit: FireCube Studios)

An expected all-in-one

This universal client is intended to federate the myriad versions of Outlook that have been circulating on Windows and on the Web for years: the integrated Windows messaging client,, and perhaps even the heavy traditional Outlook client. Each of them has its own user interface settings and functionality, although of course all of them can create, send and archive emails.

To go further than the leaks published by the web agency, our colleagues from Windows Central offer to download a beta version of One Outlook. It is compatible with an Education or Enterprise account. Faced with the success of the download, Microsoft has issued an alert via Twitter assuming that version was not yet complete with missing features. It could therefore represent a risk in terms of security. It’s likely that Microsoft will provide more details at the upcoming Build Developer Conference expected in the last week of May.

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