The on-board computer of his Tesla bugs on the highway, it is stuck at 130 km / h

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In the middle of the journey, without warning, his Tesla Model 3 began to stop responding to him. As evidence, the driver filmed the scene for the broadcaster on the web. Among others. We can then see that, despite its solicitations, the Tesla remains stuck at 83 mph (130 km/h).

Certainly, it is a correct pace on the highway but the ideal is still to be able to adapt it according to the traffic. Note that in addition to the speed, its infotainment screen is also buggy.

So nothing more responds in this car except the steering wheel and the brakes. This is what will allow him to pull over to the side of the road and stop his vehicle.

After this incident, our motorist sent his Tesla to a repairer in order to obtain answers on the cause of this bug. But the answer clearly does not satisfy him. Judge for yourself, this bug would have been caused by “miscommunication from the door of the charging port caused the power conversion system to stop in order to protect the on-board components during the journey”. In fact, it’s not really enough…

There is nothing reassuring

Seeing your car lock up on its own at a certain speed and no longer respond to any commands, yes, there is something very worrying about that. So fortunately, everything ended well here, but explanations are needed.

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