the mobile charger is no longer free in the USA, what about in France?

Tesla customers who have not yet received their ordered electric car fear a nasty surprise on delivery. The mobile connector that allows you to charge your Tesla at home on a household outlet is no longer provided.

Tesla has removed the Mobile Connector from all electric car deliveries. Until now, the Mobile Connector was a standard accessory supplied with the controls. The automaker has updated its support page on home charging options. In the United States, Tesla indicates that it is necessary buy it separately for $400. This change does not seem to affect French customers. In France, the site always explains that the mobile connector is ” delivered with the vehicle “.

The Gen 2 Mobile Connector Kit – Credit: Tesla

Elon Musk justified this controversial decision by explaining that the mobile connector was not used enough. Tesla therefore followed suit with Apple, which removed the charger from all iPhone boxes. The Tesla Mobile Connector includes a home adapter to charge your vehicle at home with a maximum power of 3 kW.

Tesla withdraws the Mobile Connector from shipments and lowers its price

Tesla has also confirmed that customers awaiting delivery are also not honoring the Mobile Connector. A customer asked a Tesla sales consultant the following question: “ so the answer is I would not get a mobile connector when it was supposed to be included when I placed the order? “. The sales advisor replied that: it seems to be correct “. Without mobile connector comes with the car, customers have to use Superchargers or have a Wall Connector to charge their vehicle at home.

The Mobile Connector is shown as an additional $400 option in the US
The Mobile Connector is shown as an additional $400 option in the US – Credit: Tesla

On Twitter, Elon Musk explained that “ the usage stats were super low so it seemed pointless. On the plus side, we include more plug adapters with the Mobile Connector Kit “. At the moment we do not yet know what these adapters will be included in addition to the home adapter. In any case, mobile connector price will drop by half. ” We will drop the Mobile Connector price to $200 and make it easy to order with the car “, announces the soon to be trillionaire businessman. The Tesla CEO also recommends installing a Wall Connector before receiving his electric car.

Finally, Tesla France has not yet confirmed whether the mobile connector will also be removed from deliveries of electric cars in France. For the moment, only customers across the Atlantic are affected by the decision of the car manufacturer, which recently opened the doors of its new Gigafactory in Berlin.

Source: Auto Evolution

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