the Microsoft Store in web version gets a facelift

Microsoft continues its work to align its entire ecosystem with the new vision carried by Windows 11. The new Microsoft Store is now available in a web version, or almost.

The major changes are made over the long term at Microsoft, when the strategy does not change in the meantime. With Windows 11, Microsoft has adopted a whole new visual style, but which is not yet found everywhere in the giant’s ecosystem. New system updates are gradually changing interface elements that are still aging like the task manager. But this week, it’s another beast that Microsoft has tackled: its online application store.

Easier and faster navigation

Internet users were able to discover a new version of the store with a brand new dedicated site: Previously, it was quite difficult to access the application store from the Microsoft site other than from a search engine.

Windows 11: the Microsoft Store in web version has a new look
Source: Frandroid

Beyond aesthetics, it is above all a site where it is now much more pleasant to navigate that Microsoft offers. Pages load faster and everything is generally more responsive. The installation of an application, if the PC is running Windows 11, is done very quickly since a pop-up will allow in two clicks to install an application or a game, without going through serial redirections.

Windows 11: the Microsoft Store in web version has a new look
Windows 11: the Microsoft Store in web version has a new look

For the moment, this new site is only available in English and Microsoft has labeled it “Insightto show that everything is not yet completely ready. Hopefully it will soon be adapted into a French version and will become the default site for discovering applications more easily. Nothing is more practical than being able to share a practical application thanks to a link to a web page of description.

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