The Microsoft Store gets a facelift on the web

Microsoft has made significant design changes in Windows 11, and in an effort to improve the overall look of its services, the software giant has revamped many of its apps. The latest app to get a fresh lick of paint is the Microsoft Store on the web, which looks much more modern and clean with the new design..

The homepage has been radically redesigned and is reminiscent of the Google Play Store. It has a search bar and main navigation links at the top left. All categories are listed under this section, while the center and right contain featured apps, as well as the most popular apps and games.

The search bar plays a bigger role, enabling and encouraging users to search and explore the Microsoft Store. The new store on the web feels much more organized and understandable than the store used on Windows 11, and as João Carrasqueira of XDA Developers explains, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that experience on the app as well.

The app pages have also been completely redesigned, giving them a much cleaner look. They now feature imported images and highlight key information panels in a more intuitive way.

The description is always displayed below the images, while important information, such as the update date and age ratings, is displayed on the right side.

You can install your apps from the web

Another additional update that was not possible before is the functionality of installing applications directly from the web client. Previously, users were required to enter the Microsoft Store (the app on Windows) to install games and apps. Now they can click the download button and will no longer be redirected. There’s no more back and forth between the Microsoft Store on the web and the app.

The new Microsoft App Store seems to be in phase Insightand it is currently only accessible if you follow this link with the address

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