The Marseillais: Haneia and Maissane are at war on Instagram!

On social networks, Haneia (Les Marseillais) was quite virulent with Maissane following his passage in Touche pas à mon poste!

A few days ago, Marseille fans in Mexico briefly saw Haneia. The latter made a rather sensational entrance with the aim of settle accounts with Dylan. Now she is at war with a former candidate.

Haneia shocked by Maissane’s comments in TPMP

After a long absence, Haneia has made her comeback in reality television. The beauty returned this year to the Marseillais in Mexico to clear things up with her ex, Dylan.

Haneia did . But she was finally able to come face-to-face with Dylan after they split. If she has not made the buzz in the Marseillais, she has been talking about her in recent days.

And for good reason, Haneia found herself at the heart of a big clash with a former candidate from Marseille. This is Maissane. The two did not hesitate to tackle each other on social networks.

The cause ? Haneia did not at all appreciate the intervention of , a few days ago. Dylan’s ex has accused her rival of making up stories.

The Marseillais candidate in Mexico also revealed that Maissane had lied about the astronomical sums offered to him to take photos. It has a balance: “All the influencers could tell you, just to go on TPMP, she will invent anything”.

Before adding: “It’s a myth! This is why today, the information is distorted. Because people are so thirsty for buzz…”. Haneia didn’t decide to stop there.

Maissane clash Haneia on social networks

The Marseillais candidate in Mexico also swung: “Whether it’s some bloggers or some former reality TV candidates, they talk nonsense on the sets.

The main interested party, Maissane, then reacted to the words of Haneia. And the least we can say is that she hasn’t lost her sense of repartee at all. Nor his outspokenness. She started very strong.

The former Marseillais candidate swung: “I really don’t have the habit of responding to senior citizens, it makes me uncomfortable because it reminds me of my grandmother. I never said that I was offered 50,000 euros”.

Before adding: “But I can understand that the hearing drops over the years, but you can replay the passage on TPMP. About me ask for spend stays in Dubai for 50,000 euros.

Maissane also swung at Haneia (Les Marseillais): “Which I obviously do not accept, unlike some. When I say some, I’m actually talking about you.”.

Before revealing: “Then, if you seem upset because your rates are too low, call your customers. You can give them a call. Go with them. (…) If you have already been used too much, at some point, it is normal for it to drop. (…)”.

Finally, Maissane therefore advised Haneia (Les Marseillais): “Prepare for your retirement, it happens quickly. And leave me alone”. One thing is certain, she did not go with a dead hand. Case to follow!

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