The Huawei P50 Pocket is available at SFR

Want to crack for a foldable smartphone? Let yourself be seduced by this clamshell model signed Huawei: the flamboyant P50 Pocket is offered at a preferential price of the most suspect at SFR.

No, it’s not just Samsung that makes foldable smartphones. While the Korean giant remains a pioneer and great leader in this sector, several other brands have joined it in recent years. In particular Huawei, which has already unveiled three models to compete with Chaebol’s Galaxy Z Fold: the Mate X from 2019, followed by the Mate Xs the following year, then the Mate X2 last year. And it’s not the only foldable device that the Chinese brand launched in 2021, since it unveiled another model at the very end of the year, this time inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: the Huawei P50 Pocket. First marketed in China, this real little gem is now available on the SFR online store, at a preferential rate with package which makes it much more accessible…

If it does indeed make you think at first sight of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, by its compact side, folding in the length to take on a square format when closed, this Huawei P50 Pocket clearly stands out on closer inspection. . It sports a very original design, with its glass ornament and its slightly raised patterns, and above all this secondary screen, which is used to display the time and other notifications, in a circular shape… A real originality! While this is placed under another round module, this time containing the precious camera, everything has the merit of being out of the ordinary, while offering a particularly elegant look to make this foldable smartphone the accessory of ultimate shock, which slips like a powder compact into the handbag… Notice to the most stylish technophiles!

The Huawei P50 Pocket, a concentrate of technologies

In addition to its design, certainly premium, this Huawei P50 Pocket is of course other qualities. In terms of technologies, it first benefits from the power of the Snapdragon 888 chip, Coupled with an 8 GB RAM with 256 GB of storage, a foldable OLED screen, which reveals a diagonal of 6, 9-inch open, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, or a 4,000 mAh battery, compatible with fast charging at 40W. Then above all, in terms of photography, the device is not too badly off either, to say the least, with this triple rear sensor consisting of a 40 Mpx main lens, an ultra 13 Mpx wide-angle, and a 32 Mpx “ultra-spectrum” sensor, which in the words of the manufacturer”helps improve clarity and visibility of light to reveal natural detail and vibrant color“.

The only downside to this Huawei P50 Pocket is that it is not 5G compatible. But in return, and this is very good news in view of the difficulties encountered by the Chinese manufacturer since it is under American embargo, it is that it runs on Android! But above all, the argument that should convince you if you are tempted to be seduced is the price at which this little gem is displayed with a package at SFR:

  • €499 (+ €8/month for 24 months) with the 150 GB 5G plan, at €30/month (for one year, then €45/month)
  • €649 (+ €8/month for 24 months) with the 90 GB 4G+ package, at €20/month (for one year, then €35/month)

Without a plan, the Huawei P50 Pocket is available at €1,299 on the SFR online store.

Source : Huawei

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