The Google Matter home automation standard is coming this fall

The Google Matter protocol is now expected in the fall. Our connected homes are just waiting for that.

If the Automation offers a lot of prospects for our homes, the industry suffers from an evil that we know only too well: the proliferation of standards. Indeed, since the emergence of these technologies, each actor, or almost, wanted his own protocol, his own infrastructure, his compatibility, etc. Result of the operation, the market is flooded today, with enormous choice for the general public. Too many choices. And incompatibilities that are often problematic when automating your home. The Matter protocol wants to change all that.

The Google Matter protocol is now expected in the fall

Google intends to launch its Matter standard this fall. Devices can connect quickly and easily via Fast Pair and the platform supports many voice assistants and protocols. Among these: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, as well as Wi-Fi, Thread and Bluetooth LE. Although Fast Pair is used for headphones and other audio equipment, the company is working on being able to use it for other things, like syncing light bulbs and smart plugs with Android and Nest devices. This will make it possible to scan a code with the phone to get started, which should be faster and easier than the current method of adding gear.

Our connected homes are waiting for this

The Mountain View firm announced Matter in 2019, a project that at the time was called Project Connected Home over IP (Project CHIP). At the I/O 2021 conference, Google announced an overhaul of its Developer Center for connected homes, to include all the tools needed by developers to design products compatible with this standard. Matter had been reported through 2022 last August, and now with this new slot in the fall, Google is therefore reporting again. Let’s hope this is the last and that we finally have the right to it. It will then be much easier to add connected equipment to our homes and make them all live together.

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