the chronological newsfeed is back

The return of the news feed in chronological order on Instagram

The chronological news feed disappeared over 5 years ago on Instagram, in favor of an algorithm-based ranking. Good news: it will make its big comeback in 2022! Indeed, after having worked on the option for several months already, Adam Mosseri, boss of Instagram, a confirm the rumors :

It’s important to me that people have meaningful control over their experience, and I think having a place where you can see everything about the accounts you follow in chronological order is a big thing, he confirmed. .

So, should we expect a “like before” Instagram feed? Not really. In fact, the chronological feed should be offered as an option rather than the default, as Instagram suggests: “We want to make it clear that we’re creating new options – giving users more choice so they can decide what’s best for them – not bringing everyone back to a chronological flow. “. Moreover, the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi published in early December an overview of what this option could look like:

If the return of a flow in chronological order is expected by many users, the fact that it could be offered as an option is a little less satisfactory. Indeed, if it is not possible to choose this default configuration, it means that users will be forced to change the settings each time they open the application. A tedious task, which could quickly discourage users of the social network.

The chronologically ordered stream is expected to be available as early as the first quarter of 2022, said on Instagram.

A Favorites tab, to highlight your favorite accounts

Another novelty that is confirmed: the possibility of marking accounts “in favorites” to see their publications more easily. As shown in the capture of Alessandro (see above), a new “Favorites” tab should appear. You could therefore choose to display your newsfeed as it is, in chronological order, but also with favorite accounts only.

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