The action game Soundfall arrives in rhythm on the Microsoft Store

If you’re thinking of discovering some upcoming games on our Xbox consoles during Nintendo’s Indie World event, you’ve probably been disappointed. Microsoft’s machines were practically absent from this small broadcast dedicated to indie games coming to Nintendo Switch, and cross-platform titles will instead go for a ride on the PC and PlayStation consoles side.

It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with Soundfall, a title imagined by former developers of Epic Games who founded their own studio called Drastic Games. Announced earlier this year, the game takes the form of a classic dungeon-crawler, with the particularity of seeing the music taking on a certain importance in terms of gameplay. In other words, your attacks will be more powerful if you play in rhythm. The title is playable in cooperation with up to four players, both online and locally.

Soundfall is available for download from the Microsoft Store right now !

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