That’s it, Instagram’s best feature is back after 6 years away

Scrolling through your Instagram feed chronologically is once again possible, which should appeal to many users who no longer want to depend on the application’s algorithms.

3D Instagram logo // Source: Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, announced the color in January 2022: Instagram will once again offer the chronological feed to its users, six years after its withdrawal. And this, to the delight of everyone, who then depended on the application and its algorithms to consult the publications of its news feed.

The platform split a ticket to announce the news, and clearly did not take long to join the gesture and the word: the functionality presented is indeed already available in France, as tested on one of our phones . And in total, it is not one, but two new features that have been deployed. Explanations.

Up to 50 favorite accounts

Instagram has introduced two new buttons: “Subscriptions” and “Favorites”, which you can find by clicking on the small arrow placed to the right of the Instagram logo, on the main interface. The principle of “Subscriptions” is simple: you do not only see the publications of the accounts to which you are subscribed, and this in a chronological way.

The “Favorites” function, as the name suggests, allows you to add up to 50 favorite accounts to a list. You can modify at any time. And for more discretion, people added to this category are not notified, regardless of the action (addition or deletion).

Three different streams

Their posts are displayed higher up in your home feed. To better identify them, a star-shaped icon appears at the top right of said publication. Note that by going to the “Favorites” category, the news feed is also suitable in a chronological logic.

In short, you are now dealing with three different post streams:

  • Home: the current feed, based on user reactions and interests;
  • Subscriptions: allows you to see the latest publications of the accounts followed chronologically;
  • Favorites: a feed to personalize with your favorite accounts, also chronological feed.
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