Teslas are not necessary to put in all hands

Teslas are cars renowned for their safety in the event of an accident. The recent facts, a taxi that got packed in Paris and a flying Tesla in Los Angeles, we have improved on the other hand that the interface between the steering wheel and the pedals (namely the human behind the wheel) remains largely perfectible.

If you’ve ever wondered if a Tesla could fly, but never dared to test it, the answer is definitely no. The only way to observe a Tesla fly is to have followed in 2018 the take-off of the Tesla roadster put into orbit by Elon Musk and SpaceX.

Alas, there will always be a few geniuses (probably misunderstood), to do what you absolutely must not do! In the United States, this Sunday, March 20, we were able to witness a futile reproduction of what may be similar to a scene from the film Bullitfilmed in San Francisco.

No, a Tesla Model S does not fly!

Given the number of spectators present, it looks like an attempt at buzz. Except that watching the Tesla Model S take off at the crossroads of a street in Los Angeles, we think that the scene could have ended very badly.

No need to tell you that this stupidity is absolutely not to be reproduced. The accident caused only material damage, the driver emerged unscathed according to witnesses. We also discover that the Tesla was a rental vehicle and the author of the stunt is now wanted by the authorities.

A Tesla can’t fly, the weight of the batteries will drag the vehicle to a rather hard landing. However, we can appreciate the quality of Tesla’s structure, and the fact that despite the impact, the batteries did not ignite. Which could have given a completely different outcome to this bad joke.

News from the Taxi in Model 3 which got carried away in Paris

Previously, a taxi driver’s Tesla Model 3 (resting at the time) was involved in a fatal accident on the streets of Paris in December. The accident left one dead and twenty injured. Even if the first elements of the investigation do not seem to lean towards the thesis of a mechanical or electronic problem, the taxi driver, through his lawyer, indicated that he was attacking the manufacturer Tesla for “endangering life “of others”.

According to the driver of the vehicle, the accelerator was blocked and the braking inoperative. We could see, on the videos, the vehicle go up at very high speed certain Parisian streets before hitting a traffic light, a glass container, and ending up in a van.

Lawyer Sarah Saldmann told Le Parisien and AFP: ” My client has always maintained the same version: the brake no longer works, the accelerator is racing and that is why he is filing a complaint for endangering the lives of others‘”.

The investigation will bring this story to light. Tesla is certainly not immune to a failure of its system, but human error is not to be ruled out. Generally, with the American manufacturer, when a defect is found, several similar cases are quickly observed. However, to our knowledge, apart from human error (confusion of pedals), there have been no similar related problems.

G7 taxis, which following this accident had suspended all Tesla Model 3 vehicles, have since restarted the fleet of vehicles after training the drivers concerned. This approach therefore suggests that even the G7 taxis indicate that the error is certainly more human than mechanical.

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