Telex: Provisional agreement on NIS 2, A second internal Linux distribution for Microsoft, Google Maps in immersive

– Provisional agreement on NIS 2. The European Council and the European Commission have reached a provisional agreement on this text, which aims to ensure a high common level of cybersecurity throughout the European Union. To date, it has met the list of sectors and supervised activities in particular. The directive will apply to “all medium and large entities operating in the sectors covered by the directive or providing services which will be selected by it will fall within its scope”. Sectors excluded are national defense or security, public safety, law enforcement and the judiciary, as well as parliaments and banks. On the other hand, NIS 2 applies to public administration entities at central and regional levels. It should also be noted that the text definitively establishes the European network for the preparation and management of cyber crises (EU-CyCLONe), which supports the coordinated management of major cybersecurity incidents.

– A second internal Linux distribution for Microsoft. After Mariner, the Redmond firm would also have a version called Delridge (or CBL-D), according to our colleague Mary Jo Foley from ZDnet. She discovered this declination by chance in a blog post by Hayden Barnes, head of engineering at SuSE. Compared to Mariner, Delridge is a custom variation of Debian. Microsoft uses it to power Azure’s Cloud Shell, which provides a set of cloud management tools within a container.

– Immersive Google Maps. At the I/O conference, Google presented an immersive version of its Maps application. For this, the publisher processed millions of views with Street View and applied AI treatments. It is thus possible via its mobile application to be guided in monuments or modeled places. Note that the 3D views will take into account climatic elements (sun, rain, cloudy), day and night, etc. This feature will be available for Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo later this year, with other cities coming soon.

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