Telex: Palantir closer to Defense UK, Cyberattack on tractor production, Fortnite reborn on iOS with Microsoft

– Palantir to strengthen links with the UK Ministry of Defense. The data analysis company Palantir has concluded a £10m (approximately €11.7m) contract with the British Ministry of Defence. This is the American company’s largest contract. Based in Denver, Colorado, the firm is used to addressing its solutions to US government agencies and has approached the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom during the pandemic. As part of this contract with the ministry, Palantir will offer support for its Foundry platform, which allows users to reduce costs by automating work and using data processing time.

– A cyberattack cripples the production of Massey-Fergusson tractors on the AGCO site in Beauvais. Since Thursday morning, the production lines of several production sites of the tractor manufacturer have been blocked. In question: a cyberattack on computer servers affecting sites in France, Germany, or China. At the Beauvais site, seventy-three Massey Ferguson tractors are assembled every day. On the Beauvais site, no less than 1,000 employees had to cease all activity, the price of returning home and taking an RTT. The latter do not know when work will resume, a toll-free number has been made available to them to keep them informed.

– Microsoft brings Fortnite to iPhone and iPad. Disappeared from iOS screens since August 2020 due to a legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games, Fortnite will return to iPhones and iPads. Ironically, it is thanks to Microsoft that this return is possible. Users will be able to play the famous FPS without downloading an application from the App Store but just through a web browser thanks to Microsoft’s XBox Cloud Gaming game streaming service based on its Azure platform. Free and without subscription, Fortnite is based on an economic model based on micro-transactions which make it one of the most commendable video games in history and having weighed in 2019 no less than 88% of Epic’s revenues, i.e. 4 $.2 billion.

Firmly awaited by millions of players, Fortnite returns to iPhone and iPad through Microsoft on web browsers. (credit: Microsoft)

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