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On the occasion of the broadcast of season 2 of Tehran on Apple TV +, AlloCiné was able to talk with its showrunners, its main actress and its exceptional guest for its new episodes: Glenn Close.

An effective and breathtaking Israeli spy series reminiscent of Homeland in its early days, Tehran takes us behind the scenes of Mossad special operations with the chaotic career of agent Tamar Rabinyan (Niv Sultan). Jewish born in Iran and raised in Israel, the young woman renowned for her skills as a hacker, must go to Tehran to prevent Iran from obtaining an atomic bomb. The first mission of Tamar, who has exchanged her identity with a Muslim accomplice, has failed and the young woman must find a way out.

Tehran returns this year for a second season on Apple TV+ and welcomes an exceptional actress for its new episodes, namely Glenn Close, in the skin of Marjan Montazeri. AlloCiné spoke with the showrunners of the series, Dana Eden and Daniel Syrkin, and the actresses Niv Sultan and Glenn Close on the challenges of this explosive new season.

AlloCiné: What can we expect this season?

Niv Sultan: It’s a different and more personal season than the first one. In particular, the mission that my character has to face is much more perilous and explosive. I think we will keep you going until the end of the season. The consequences of what unfolds this season will have a much more serious impact than the previous season. The pace of filming was intense and I think there is a new energy that fuels all of us this season.

Dana Eden: Expect high-intensity, action-packed moments. I also think that the emotional level is enriched from episode to episode. You will also discover the universe of the ultra-rich children of Tehran and how they have an existence at odds with the majority of poor Iranians.

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Was the filming different from the first season?

Daniel Syrkin: We mainly shot in Athens, which we did a little bit in the first season. This time, and thanks to the support of Apple, we were able to film longer with more complex and explosive stunts. Also expect breathtaking chases. In the end, it was a perfect mix between epic filming and intense intimate moments.

Glenn, how did you get into this show?

Glenn Close: Someone had the crazy idea to offer me this role! It came to me out of the blue. I watched the first season and found it fascinating. The role of Marjan Montazeri was so well written that I couldn’t refuse this opportunity. It was a totally new experience for me coming from cinema. And it was a sacred challenge, especially with the Iranian language that I had to learn as well as possible. Ultimately, it’s close to my heart to be part of an Apple series that can be seen around the world.

Apple TV+ 2022

What are the important themes of this series for you?

Glenn Close: For me it’s about a group of people who get their way by all means, in order to carry out an action that seems right to them. It’s about fighting for what you really believe in. Every point of view is different but every point of view is equally valid. There are people who are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to see what they believe in come to fruition.

Niv Sultan: I remember reading the scripts for this season, I felt very sad because I realized that the message of this series is to show that in times of war, everyone loses. There are no winners. Everyone suffers the same way. In the end, you have to ask yourself what you are fighting for, is this or that conflict really justified and if it is really worth it.

Dana Eden: I think it’s the most humane study possible of Israelis and Iranians. Who are they really deep inside? I hope this will allow everyone to better understand who the other is and what they are going through, what their point of view is. It is also important to understand that even if there is a conflict at the governmental level, it is not the case at the individual level, at the level of the people. We have also worked with many Iranian refugees this season, which is something unique for a production of this type. It was a fantastic collaboration for us Israelis.

Daniel Syrkin: The theme of truth is important. It’s important to show an Iran that we don’t see in the news. To show something real and authentic. It is also a series about identity. That of being a spy, that of being a traitor to his country. For me it’s important to show that there are human beings beyond the headlines of the news.

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