Teams will land in the Microsoft Store

The enterprise messaging and collaboration app will be integrated into the Windows 10 and 11 store next month, at least if the Microsoft planning is heldlike the signal Neowin.

Good news, especially under Windows 11 where the situation is somewhat confusing. The system indeed integrates a specific version of Teams, which can only be used with personal Microsoft accounts. The classic version not being installed with the rest of Office, it was necessary to go to seek it on the site of the editor.

A typical business situation, which sometimes feels like pulling in opposite directions without seeing the big picture. Especially since the integrated version of Teams, although clearly more modern than the classic one, also fewer functions and has not changed since the initial version of Windows 11, even in the development channels.

Several functional additions are still planned… for the classic version, in particular major improvements for the calendar (including the statutes) and the Together Mode.


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